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What drives me?

Why am I listening or not listening?

In the movie "The Voice in My Head" I made room for the parts I have, joy, sadness, anger and disgust… .. When I went inside I discovered a world and the whole of whole parts think… .. that they are me… .. they try my life.

And there are more parts. We call them "fears" most of which will only "maybe" happen, each fear has its role and its special way of acting that makes me run away or freeze in place or attack and they too try to manage me every day.

If that wasn't enough, there are parts of our body that sometimes hurt, sometimes get sick and sometimes fall apart and scream like a headache that turns into a migraine, a toothache that turns into a root canal or a knee pain that deteriorates into most sexual surgery - all because we didn't listen or manage the process.

We are full of parts and yet we are one - so how does everything work?

To manage all the parts, and stay in control I used techniques of manipulation, repression, disregard or war - but it did not help me at all, what really happened was that I lost control, and the different parts only increased their voice and what I felt inside was war - internal conflict…. Different parts drag to different places.

3 years ago I was at a lecture by Fred Kaufman - VP of Leadership at Google who explained that we completely do not know what our role, at home, in the organization or in the world!

He gives an example of a football team but it is true for any team or organization.

He asks what is the role of the striker? And everyone answers, "Score expatriates." He asks what the defender is doing - and everyone is answering "defend the goal", and what is the goalkeeper doing "stopping expatriates"? Then he explains that we are all wrong because the role of all of us including everyone is to "help the team win" and this is true for every team and every organization and every person - with all the parts in it אם .. If the striker puts in goals and the goalkeeper absorbs more - we lost and must work together.

I was recently hospitalized 3 times for the same reason, the first times when I saw that the problem was not really being addressed - I got up and walked or in other words, ran away, ignored, pushed.

Only the third time I agreed to work together with my fears, parts and body, everyone had a message for me and I did not listen until I agreed to work together with all the parts within me - for one purpose - dedication and unity.

I realized the purpose of all the parts was to keep me and have a message for me - including the fears, that I would not make nonsense or mistakes, the parts of the mind wanted me not to get hurt and the body parts wanted me to deal with the prisoners' feelings as a result of events. More.

How do you do that?

1. Pay attention to the different parts - see them! , Are given a name: judge, critic, fear of failure, abdominal pain.

2. Listen to the parts - to each one individually. What is his message to us, why is he here.

Answer them - create a dialogue - this is how we show that we listen and care about them.

4. Harness them - we are all one, and we all have one goal - there is no opposition here and no war.

5. Change the course of action to win - work collaboratively with all the parts.

Can you talk to the parts through writing, dialogue, drama therapy, dreams or get help from a therapist / coach or mentor and who is talking to them? I / my chin.

And what's important to know is that it's not just true for our body, or our group, or our organization…. This is also true for any city or country and even nature or the whole world - people think they are separate - this is how it looks from the outside, like looking at the trees from above and each tree looks separate from the tree next to it but they are part of the same forest and if you look underground then they are connected Flowing through the trees through mushrooms… .. Today in Corona we understand how all people are connected and a disease that started physically in China and reached the whole world physically and mentally - we are all part of one and want only good but do not always do good.

Fred Kaufman recently discovered that there is something more important than Winning - and” it’s meaning"

From “Help The team win”

He moved to “Help the team Mean…”


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