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By Doron Libshtein


You Are The One

Follow your true path and inspire others

  1. The choice to define and follow your unique path.

  2. "Everything happens for me and not to me" - How to leave the victim mindset behind you forever and move into the responsibility mode.

  3. Plan the Path - Your ideal diary, live your life like in a dream.

  4. The three laws for the realization and application of my life in the way of truth. Be a model and inspiration to others - "Be the change you want to see in your world" (Mahatma Gandhi).


Transformational Leadership

Be the change leader for yourself, your organization and for anyone that you meet.

  1. To lead is to serve - what is leadership? As a leader, I am a model of heart centered leadership; an instrument of growth as a leader.

  2. Leadership is Destiny - who I am? How do I choose to lead and who is my tribe? What have I come to change in society, in my country and in the world?

  3. To lead is to  enroll others in my mission by sharing my expertise, networking, giving value; all which increase my influence.

  4. Leading from your inner core of self knowledge, your values and ​​integrity, to become bigger than "myself”.


Lead from inner focus and peace.

Living in these tense times, subject to frequent stressful situations, we strive to be calm. 85% of illnesses and absences from the workplace result from mental stress

  1. What creates our tension?

  2. How to relax and be productive

  3. How to be focused in all areas of life

  4. Stress management and relaxation programs for every employee in any organization.


I Am the

Manage our lives for success and happiness

  1. How to run a company called "I"?

  2. How to manage your own departments: marketing / finance / customers / sales management?

  3. Networking - 3 tools for expanding my impact.

  4. Sales – it’s not what you thought. How to develop the skills of selling yourself while loving it.

  5. Giving value as a mission - your value statement.

  6. Taking responsibility - managing my career.

  7. Energy management – maintaining quality of life / health / family and friends.


How to become a mentor in your organization / in your field.

  1. Who is a mentor and what sets them apart from a coach?.

  2. Why it is important to get mentoring from experts and experienced in the fields. How to choose my niche and specialization as a mentor within the organization.

  3. What makes a mentor successful - listening, experience, loving people.

  4. Every mentor needs a mentor - the future of the third age.


Need anything else?

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