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Feel good: Five ways to improve your wellbeing now

Feel good: Five ways to improve your wellbeing now A healthy mental state is one of the most powerful tools for living a quality and successful life.

On the contrary, when the mind is overwhelmed, you will be unproductive in various spheres of your life. This may affect your well-being or even your career. Therefore, in order to ensure you harvest the best out of your life, it is important to keep your mind in the right state.

Discussed below are five ways to improve your well-being and enable you to feel good.

1. Being Active. Engaging in physical activities should be an integral part of your life. Not only does it improves your body fitness, but it also ensures your mental wellbeing. Exercises are tools that help boost your self-esteem and also play an important role in improving your day-to-day moods hence improving your wellbeing. You can engage in the following activities to keep your body active: • Walking home from work with your colleagues as you talk about life issues. • Using the stairs instead of lifts when moving from one office to the other at work. • Engage in sporting activities with family, friends, and colleagues. • Going to the gym and engaging in light stretches to keep your body fit.

2. Learning new Skills. Successful people are those who are ready to meet up new challenges on a daily basis and learn from them. This learning process helps increase their self-confidence and thus improves their mental health. Some of the things you could try doing to bring learning into your life include: • Solving puzzles or crosswords. • Read inspirational books that will motivate you. • Engage your friends and find out something about them. • Sign up for a class. For example, dancing and yoga.

3. Give. Research has shown that when you give, it helps improve your mental wellbeing. This is because giving links you up with others; it helps develop a positive feeling within you and gives a feeling of self-worth. Giving is dynamic; it is not only materially but also socially and psychologically. Some of the ways of giving include: • Spending time with friends and family who need emotional support. • Volunteering in community work such as cleaning the environment or visiting children’s homes. • Appreciating people for the good they do to you.

4. Connecting with People. When you have people around you, it is important for your mental health. This connection provides a platform for sharing positive experiences in life. It also gives emotional support to you and those around you. In the same manner, it builds a sense of self-worth and belonging. You could try the following as a way of connecting with others. • Plan for a picnic with friends, especially those you haven’t met for quite some time. • Have dinner or lunch with a colleague. • Chat with family and friends.

5. Mindfulness. Being mindful helps you understand yourself better and enjoy life. It helps you face life challenges in a different way. When you are mindful, you tend to focus more on the present, thereby improving your mental wellbeing. The above-discussed five ways to improve your well-being act as a catalyst to make you feel good and productive in your daily life. When you follow the above ways, you will experience a change in your social life, physical life, and your career life.

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