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The book is intended for every person who would like to actively experience the life they dream about and for every person who aspires to develop in the field of money.
This is the story of a fascinating journey of an entire year, of a husband and wife, who seek to improve their situation in the central areas of life - Money..

We believe that all of us progress in life and grow first in areas that are related to survival, the basis of our existence such as money, and only later are we free to go on and develop in spiritual areas.

Our wish is to bring multitudes of people closer to personal growth, by means of the expansion of possibilities in the various areas of life, and to bring them to a place where they can adopt the tool of coaching as a way of life.
We wish you pleasure in reading and success on your journey of growth, as you reach high.

Book: Reaching High (A couple's journey to fulfillment work)

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